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Due Reminder Options In Gtech Daily Collection Software


You don't need extra hand for copes for your finance interest calculation & collections. Yes gtech daily collections software is simplify your collection method & reduced the interest calculation problems. Gtech daily collection software is provide customer due reminder options through send the sms notifications, email notifications, whats app notifications etc.. Gtech daily collection software integrate the bulk sms integrations, terminal machine collection integration, android mobile app integration & payment gateway integration also. Gtech daily collection software is don't need separate accounts software. Yes gtech daily collection software pack including accounts package also, customer don't worry in accounting problems. Gtech daily collection software can manage multiple branch details in single software. A single page dashboard reports provide company's transactions/ activity for specific period by specifying number of active loans number of collection made and number of closed loans etc..  Gtech daily collection software is helpful for your collection & reduced manual work , manpower work & human  errors.


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