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Gtech Best Nidhi Software RD FD Loan Management Software


Gtech nidhi software is a complete loan & financial management nidhi software solution for your nidhi  company business. Our solution is legally approved thanks to our team  of legal and financial experts who make sure that it follows all norms set by RBI. Gtech nidhi software solution is an easy to understand and easy to deploy software build over a cloud platform so that it can   be accessed over a variety of devices from hand held tablets to personal computers, just with the help of internet connectivity. You can easy create multiple  users, agents, accounts , employees etc.. 

Gtech nidhi collection software reduces costs, increases profits and helps you achieve higher efficiency. This solution is highly customizable with SMS and Email integration possible. Our highly customizable nidhi software solution helps you to  focus marketing and customer management activates by automatic your task   and reduces the man hour required for intensive management and organization functions. Gtech nidhi collection software solution fulfil your business requirements.


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